Gambling operators rattled by brand-new policies

This came out at a recent stakeholder consultative conference for mobile operators and SMS-based lottery game suppliers, which was held in preparation for the full commencement of the aforementioned act upon April 1, 2016.

The purpose of the conference was to engage numerous stakeholders and partners so regarding assist in smooth implementation and enforcement of the new legislation.

Top of the operators list of obstacles is how they are expected to omit people less than 21 years of age from participating in virtual lotto’s and gambling activities.

According to the chief executive officer of the Gambling Authority, Tulisizwe Johnson the operators have to satisfy the guidelines and policies set by the authority in order for them to get a license to continue running competitions.

Anyone under the age of 21 is not enabled to gamble even on an online medium, that includes SMS. Advertising gambling should always be directed at age certified possible gamblers to avoid over stimulation desire for the under age, said Johnson.

He included that despite the fact that the operators will continue using the licenses they have; they are needed to get brand-new ones for their promos and competitors, which ought to show how they are going to leave out people under age.

We cannot cancel your licence; however an operator has to adhere to the brand-new guidelines. Operators need to evaluate their act and give us a plan that will reveal us how they are going to omit them, that’s when we can approve, he added.

Johnson added that efficient of April 1, any operator who will be running competitors without their approval will be breaching the law.

At the meeting, operators felt that it was going to be an obstacle on their side to ascertain an individual’s age, specifically on the online competitions while the authority is adamant that operators need to show how they will exclude under 21’s, which failure to do so would lead to revocation of the license.

Previously this year, Online Competitions run by mobile operators have actually been postponed till they comply with the new laws set by the authority. This has actually affected their businesses as the competitions contribute tremendously to their profits.

The brand-new requirements are indicated to curb illegal gambling and protect the licensed operators who do not only pay tax, however also have jobs to secure. Under the brand-new policies, gambling establishments will pay P250,000 for registration while betting horses will need P50,000, bingos and national lotto’s will pay P10,000 and P1 million.

The Gambling Authority is taking over the function played by Casino Control Board, which mostly managed operations of gambling establishments. Under the new regulations, not just will a gambling operation need to be licensed initially, but also betting facilities, gambling machines along with vital personnel.

The Gambling Authority’s mandate is to effectively and efficiently manage the gambling industry, represent profits from the industry as well as add to the socio-economic development of the country.